• Prandina
This is an opportunity for the companies that aim at creating intangible value based on new ideas and on the courage to choose them.
This is a website designed for the companies that are made up of people and that think about them.
This is an opportunity to create your competitive advantage and we allow you not to follow predictable paths but innovative ones.
It is an exclusive and confidential service, that is why the information contained is to be considered highly confidential.
Prandina has been designing and producing decorative lighting since 1982, exporting its modern and contemporary ideas to 77 countries.
It has always combined the use of a precious material such as blown glass with the quality of service.
This is why every single convention is designed and organized according to the customer's needs.
If you are interested in creating an ad hoc Prandina offer for your company, fill out the form and you will be contacted.